We are so thankful for all our amazing sellers!

If you are like us, we always read reviews on everything we buy and every service we need.  Every review here was given to us directly at closing or online after closing.  After you read through this list, give us a call so we can show you personally how fair and fast selling your home can be!

All our sellers have given us five star reviews on Google and Facebook!
Sam worked with me and helped me deal with my bank situation. He kept me informed on everything and I appreciate everything he's done. He's the guy you need to deal with.
Mr. George
Homeowner, Memphis
By far the most honest and understanding people I have done business with. When I was unexpectedly transferred with my job, Sam made us a fair offer, closed quickly, and was patient and understanding when scheduled repairs were delayed. Southern Home Buyers should be your first phone call if you are looking to sell. Thanks again Sam for working with us through this whole process.
David Lyle
Homeowner, Midtown Memphis
It was an easy call and process. Within two weeks of seeing the home, we were closing I really appreciate Mr. Sam. He has been kind, very gracious, and very helpful. He has answered my questions.He has been most helpful and I appreciate him very, very much
Mrs. Eva
Homeowner, Grahamwood-Memphis
Southern home buyers are very professional. They offer great communication and are very honest people. As a real estate professional, I often refer them to my customers. I highly recommend them!
Angie K
Homeowner, Brighton, TN
The process was easy - no hassle or anything. Very friendly people. Didn't feel like anyone was trying to get anything over on us.
Sonya Ross
Homeowner, Frazier
I needed to sell a house my mother owned since she wasn't able to due to her health. The house was in really bad shape so I wanted to sell it as is. I had a list of potential buyers and I contacted Sam and Elizabeth first. They were first on my list because information on their website just gave me a sense that I could trust them. Most buyer's websites offered the same services and assurances. However, there was just a different tone and feel about theirs. Once I began working with them I thankfully learned that my original impression was not only correct but exceeded my expectations. As a former cost accountant, I analyzed sales prices in the same area as the house I was selling. When I received their offer, I knew that there was no need to look further. My sister, who was not involved in the process, said "wow, that's a great price". We closed today and I and my mother could not be more pleased with all aspects of working with Sam and Elizabeth.
Jim M.
A son helping her mom sell her home in Grahamwood - Memphis
Amazing people to work with! Very dedicated. Highly recommend!!
Maggie L.
Homeowner, Memphis
It has just been great to work with Sam. The closing has been as smooth as it could possibly be. We are so pleased.
Todd and Jane
Homeowners, Eads
The experience was quick and easy. Great kind people to deal with. I thought when I began this process I would be given a "lowball" amount for my house. Unexpectedly they offered me an awesome price. Very professional and available to answer my questions when ever needed. I recommend them 100%.
Monika S.
Homeowner, Arlington
I'm happy - just like in church.
Mr. Ray
Homeowner, Frazier
I just sold my home with them. Great group to work with. Very informative and was a pleasure working with. Sam and Elizabeth are awesome, I almost feel I owe all honesty, dont pass on them if you're in the market of selling your home. It'd be your loss.
William Roberts
Homeowner, Lakeland
To Sam & Elizabeth I just want to say from one christian to another and from my family..Thank you.!Thank you ! So much for what you guys have done to help with the sale of my mother's home There just aren't enough stars on this site for me to place so here go 5/more....***** Due to the fact that I live out of town you made this process very assuring for someone like myself. Sam I just want to say for you that you slap that "S" on your chest and became "SUPERMAN".. Hopefully you will be able to find a good home for the future residents. So for anyone who is going through a tough time in selling a home please go to "Southern Home Buyer's" and they will put you and your family at ease in helping you out. They did for us.. Thank you again
Diann J, Toyetta R, and Mitchell H
Inhereted a home in Memphis
It has been a great experience! Super easy to work with them and we really appreciate doing business with them.
David and Maggie
Military Transfer from Memphis
Southern Home Buyers is a team of people that TRULY care about helping home owners get out of distressed situations with their homes so they can live a happier life.
Shane P
Homeowner, Memphis
Sam and Elizabeth were very easy to deal with. I was moving to Colorado, and did not want my home to sit on the market for months, as I had a schedule for my move. Luckily, I met the Wilsons by them contacting me about purchasing my house. After a few weeks of negotiation, they stepped in with a fair offer. i was pleased with how quickly we were all able to close. They even allowed me to stay in the house an extra week for me to book movers. This was the easiest real estate transaction I have been a party to, thanks to the professionalism and patience of Sam and Elizabeth Wilson. You will not regret working with them!
David Thieme
Homeowner, Berclair-Memphis
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